The Lilian-Akopova-Foundation for Children

My decision to establish the Lilian-Akopova-Foundation for Children derived from a long period of concern for children in need.

The Foundation will use its resources to support children with disabilities or living in poverty.

Recently I was asked, why I pursued the idea despite early misfortunes and many private and professional commitments. Maybe this explaines best my motives: Every step since the fifth grade when I decided to pursue a career as a pianist, and till this day, where I consider myself a mature and successful artist, university lecturer and a commited mother, I had to afford and figure out my life for myself. However, this journey would have been more difficult had there not been the support of my parents, my early teachers in Kiev and later Professor Elisso Virsaladze.

Many children, especially in my homeland in Ukraine, live in poverty and a non-supportive surrounding, having little and frequently no chances at all to life a worthy live. Nearly every day seeing my both small, talented and happy sons, born and living as European citizens, I reflect and I am reminded how fortunate I am.

I dedicate my foundation to my parents, my beloved ones, my brother who pased away too early, my children and my teachers.

With the support from a circle of music-loving enthusiastic friends and my dedication, I am motivated to form theLilian-Akopova-Foundation for Children to a successful project to help and to support as many children as possible. The first actions have allready been executed by financing the supply of cancer medication for children in an cancer hospital in Kiev and a considerable financial contributioin to an operation in a German hospital of a russion boy suffering from cancer.

I thank from my heart all the friends for helping to develop a dynamic foundation and I will not stop to contribute to it with my concerts.

Lilian Akopova

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Lilian Akopova Stiftung für Kinder
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